China pharmaceutical machinery enterprises bigger and stronger critical period of strategic opportunities
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In recent years, China's pharmaceutical machinery enterprises through a variety of means to put their enterprises bigger and stronger, from the quality of the machinery to the after-sales service, whether from which are do very in place, but still have individual enterprises only pay attention to the short-term benefits, like our machinery industry want a long-term development down, then we must get from all aspects to achieve.

The next few years, China pharmaceutical machinery enterprises "bigger and stronger" the critical period of strategic opportunities, success grasp the opportunity to not only affect the enterprise individual success or failure, but also related to the Chinese medicine machine industry and made in China in the global industrial chain positioning.

With the rapid development of the huge demand in the domestic market, has brought opportunities to the domestic richly endowed by nature medicine enterprises. Domestic enterprises continue to meet domestic demand at the same time, the rapid growth of. The technological level of the enterprises themselves, in continuous improvement, product upgrading of speed; rising industry concentration, economies of scale can be revealed; corporate governance was optimized, many companies established set of modern enterprise system and organizational structure, the competitiveness of enterprises significantly.

For the domestic pharmaceutical machinery, actively upgrade and develop high-end equipment is the industry trend, but this does not mean that the domestic market has no need in the low-end products. In fact, no matter how large pharmaceutical enterprises, the production process is the low and high different types of production equipment, in order to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, to achieve the maximum production efficiency.

In China has become a veritable pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer, the annual output value of industry has more than 150 million, although also said not irrigation machine manufacturing power, but based on the amount of also in a certain extent illustrates the domestic medicine machine industry production capacity and continuously improve the technical level. Actually the production scale expanded to enhance the overall level of technology, actually is the development of the industry from quantitative change to qualitative change process, if there is no accumulation of industry for several decades development, today it is impossible to usher in the transformation and upgrading of industry, the opportunity to achieve the breakthrough in technology.

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