The development process of China's packaging machine Market
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Packaging machinery to have a high flexibility and flexibility, the production line allows the size of a certain size range can change the size of the package. Because the life cycle of the product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, the change of the product and the packaging is not to replace the expensive packaging production line.

As a supporting industry in many areas of the national economy, the packaging machinery industry has benefited from the prosperity of other industries, its technological progress and supporting services are also able to reverse the role of other industries. It provides advanced technology and equipment for industrial packaging to ensure packaging products of high quality, high efficiency, multi species, low cost, high environmental protection. Therefore, strong vitality, bring huge social benefit and economic benefit.

For now, many of the world's packaging equipment has entered a period of renewal, for high quality, high efficiency, multi variety, low cost, high environmental protection packaging machinery put forward a more huge market demand. Therefore, China's packaging industry to achieve rapid development, and the success of the transformation to the packaging power, then improve the quality of packaging machinery has become the first priority of the development of the packaging industry.

In recent years, the development process of China's packaging machine market is becoming more and more difficult, although after decades of development, China's packaging technology has been perfect, it is very difficult to make new progress.

However, we should also recognize the packaging machinery has and people's life is closely linked, this development is never stop, as long as we work hard to observe and understand, master the development trend of the social and technical development trend in order to be able to master the most advanced technology to meet the market demand.

At present, engaged in the packaging machine more and more businesses, which exacerbated the various businesses in order to survival and development of the fierce competition, the domestic packaging technology overall than the international advanced level, which in a certain extent restricts the pace of development of the domestic economy, in addition, the lack of advanced scientific and technological personnel, people understanding to the packing machine enough is not conducive to the domestic packaging industry development factors require all businesses to work, so as to promote the domestic packaging machine to move on.

Experts offer advice and packaging machinery industry in our country to be changed as soon as possible with low technology content, learn from foreign advanced technology, development and production of high efficiency and low energy consumption, production and sales of marketable for complete sets of large equipment and high technology products. Developed more applicable packaging equipment according to national conditions to meet the changing market!

High efficiency of daily production work requires the production of machinery with automatic recognition function. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness of the packaging material, hardness, rebound, and so on, through the computer feedback to the mechanical hand to adjust the action, to ensure that no rebound. On the other hand, a variety of products, such as shapes of chocolate or snacks, loaded to the same box, the arrangement is regular and transfer production line of products is disordered, available probe wiped determine the position of the materials of different shapes, then back to the different mechanical hands, it will accurately correct the goods according to the accurate position and direction in the tray, fast and accurate, eliminate manual operation of your fingers and visual fatigue.

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