The number of drugs packaging has gradually occupied the entire packaging market
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The development of the global economy brings the improvement of living standards, as the human survival and health protection of pharmaceutical industry more and more attention of the government and enterprises, the pharmaceutical industry has also become the 21st century the rich potential of one of the industry growth and the rapid growth.

The rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, can not be separated from a large number of advanced technical performance, quality and stability of pharmaceutical equipment. According to the completion of the production process tasks, can be divided into two categories of pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and packaging equipment.

In terms of drug packaging equipment, according to the combination of different forms of medicine, packaging, packaging, and the combination of different, and complete the corresponding packaging process equipment. Drug most shapes are solid, solid drug granules, a large number of tablets, pills and other, drug granules in all forms of drug accounted for considerable proportion. At present, there are three main ways of packing granule medicine: bottled, bag and blister packaging. With PET plastic bottles are rapidly replacing glass bottles, bottle safety was further improved, the particle bottled market showed steady growth trend.

Compared with other commodities, drugs because of large production, high value, the demand for the logarithmic particle technology is relatively strong. The applications in the pharmaceutical industry typical automated drug grain number bottling line generally by the Unscrambler, counting machine, plug of cotton, paper inserting machine, dryer into the machine, capping machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, box machine, conveying lines and a variety of online testing equipment, with various specifications of the counting machine is a key equipment has been widely used. The use of more is 120 bottles per minute production (to 100 grain / bottles, the same below) 24 track and 60 bottles of 12 track counting machine, in addition to customer demand for personalized customized products, such as the completion of the small pack (10 / bottle) of 8 track counting machine, production speed can reach 160 bottles / minute mounted volume 32 track counting machine and other.

By counting and weighing drug bottling in two ways. Granular packaging can ensure the safety and convenience of the patient, the market prospect is wide, so it is widely used. With the improvement of the performance of the medicine forming equipment, the weight and the size deviation of the product are greatly reduced, and the number of drugs is gradually occupying more than 80% market share of the whole packaging market.

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