The development and present situation of granule packaging from the point of view of medicine packaging technology
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Bring life to raise the level of development of the global economy. As the human survival and health protection in the pharmaceutical industry has attracted more and more attention of enterprises and government, the pharmaceutical industry has become one of the 21 highest growth potential of the industry and the rapid growth. According to the statistics of total sales.2002 Global pharmaceutical market is expected to reach US $410 billion. 2010 Master reached $760 billion in sales. The rapid development of pharmaceutical industry. Cannot do without a lot. With advanced performance, stable quality of the pharmaceutical equipment. Although the pharmaceutical production equipment of various kinds, but according to the production process, performance and operating conditions of the equipment constitution into the task, the pharmaceutical equipment can be divided into two categories. The pharmaceutical equipment and packaging equipment, pharmaceutical equipment in which the pace of development in recent years faster.

Drug package Kabuki equipment, according to the shape of the drug, packaging, packaging form different combinations. Its own complete corresponding packaging process equipment such as table 1 shows.

Depending on the shape of the drug, the finished product is generally solid, semi solid (paste) and liquid:

(1) liquid medicine is mostly injection, also includes a part of the oral liquid and external use of traditional Chinese medicine cleaning agent. Liquid medicine generally use the volume and weight of the quantitative packaging;

(2) the semi solid drug from the packaging and the use of the habit is more close to the liquid, more use of quantitative packaging, made into a hose or a low;

(3) solid medicine mainly granules and powders. Powder extrusion and fine particle, there are many drugs the first weighing filling into the plastic Japanese ginger made various capsule form granular. Only a few part directly in a bottle or loaded into a plastic bag or a paper bag, drug granules in addition to the capsule, but also includes numerous tablets, pills and other, drug granules in all forms of drug accounted for considerable proportion.

At present, there are 3 main ways of medicine packing: bottle, bag and blister packaging. Particle bottling is the most common, especially in the pet plastic bottle dimension; small, low value of pharmaceutical granule in bags, but due to fragile, preservation, transportation inconvenience, gradually being bottled and blister packaging replaced; bubble cap packaging in recent years is the rise of the new packaging, because of safety, taking and carrying convenient and has a broad development prospects, however, granular medicines for non prescription for packaging of granular drug and large dose of traditional Chinese medicine, bottled is the most safe and reliable, economic package, with PET plastic bottles quickly to replace the glass bottle, the bottle safety has been further improved, the particle bottled market stable growth trend.

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