The principle of different types of counting machine
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Along with the development of seed gun inspection and agricultural scientific research work and side weight urgently requires automatic particle size analyzer instead of heavy artificial kind, is currently the country has developed grain number of different types of instrument, such as sly type counting machine, ZS-1 type automatic counting machine, sly ii-ii dual channel electronic automatic counting, SD-1 type rice and wheat counting machine and so on.

(a) only the number of different models of the instrument is constructed, and its structure is very different, but the main parts are as follows:

1 spiral electromagnetic vibration hopper (send for) the upper part of the hopper by a nozzle, spiral chute, nozzle baffle. The lower part is an electromagnetic transformer, and the container is filled with seeds;

2. The photoelectric counting circuit is composed of a light source, a light guide tube and a photoelectric counting part;

3 automatic control system;

4 power supply.

(II) the working principle of the seeds into vibration hopper, switch on the power, by the photoelectric system for the 6 volt regulator power supply of light source, exposure through the holes in the photoconductive tube. At this time, the light pipe is low resistance, when the startup electromagnetic vibration feeding device, seed in a centrifugal vibration for use, upward movement along the spiral tip. Finally, followed by feeding mouth (seed outlet), fall into the photoelectric system into the container. The seed falling per seed are in the photoconductive tube produced a projection, light pipe immediately in this moment a high resistance, and a photoelectric counting circuit formed on an electrical pulse, after plastic surgery to enlarge, triggering counting circuit, so we count, until reaching the predetermined grain number, automatic control circuit, cut off of electromagnetic vibrator electric image, make it stop feeding and issued corresponding indication signal, thus completing the automatic grain number of work (see Figure 27).

(three) using the method

1 instrument installation will be counting machine parts according to the rule in the installation location. And the power supply is switched on, counting preheating and inspection instrument, pre startup, shutdown, seeding speed button is normal or not.

2 take a little seed, a preliminary test, verify the correctness of the count, and to pre adjust necessary.

3 adjust the seed at the outlet of the channel, the width is about the width of a seed. And then the seed container Sheng alignment channel outlet (some counting instrument holding device has been installed in advance).

4 the good seed purity analysis or after no impurities after cleaning the seeds in the feeding device in.

5 the instrument required digital knob to count on some instruments to adjust sensitivity adjustment and other work.

6 boot a few tablets, wait for a number to the pre grain number after the automatic shutdown, and then observe the display or digital tube display digital seeds. The number of tablets work is complete.

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