Determination of 1000 grain weight
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The variation of grain weight of the same varieties in different cultivation conditions, different natural areas and different years was larger, so it was necessary to have a standard grain weight as the basis for judging the quality of seeds. Standard Test Method for 1000 grain weight is as follows:

(a) samples were collected during the harvest of crops, a region or a county with a certain variety, respectively in different locations, farmland harvest 10-20 recognized as standard sample of the seed.

(two) according to the preceding method (conventional method), the 1000 grain weight of each sample was determined, and the average weight of each sample was obtained, which is the local area, the year and the standard 1000 grain weight.

(three) the calculation of standard 1000 seeds over the years, if the data accumulated over the years of a variety of standard 1000 grain weight, and the average number, then the standard weight of the representative of the more extensive.

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