Optimum design of eccentric mechanism of capping machine
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In the medicine filling machine, although has formed a series, but there are still some technical problems have not been solved, thus affecting the improvement of filling speed, the capping of poor quality, too many defective items, scrap rate high is a difficult technical problem. After many years of accumulated experience, the capping machine rolling components were optimized after the capping machine capping speed and capping quality have made a great breakthrough.

1 Analysis of structure and principle

As shown in Figure 1 rolling cover machine working diagram for a rotating spindle, whose lower end is connected with the transmission mechanism, 2 for the main shaft sleeve by rolling bearing spindle is fixed on the working table 3 and the machine frame. 4 end cam, 5 bottle body, the lower end of the rolling roller end surface of the cam 4, so as to drive the bracket and the bottle cover rolling up and down movement. 6 for capping machine in this paper is to analyze the eccentric Mei part of it in the spindle 1 spin through the rolling knife on capping bottle capping. 7 for capping bottles, and the lower end of the by the bottle supporting bracket to hold, and the upper end of the bottle pressing mechanism 8 pressed by the and by spinning mechanism driven it from disappearing to cap surrounding the entire squeeze. The core parts of capping machine capping is an eccentric part, only through the optimized design, in order to ensure the accuracy, safety and reliability of capping.

As shown in Figure 2 for rolling cover machine rolling cover for eccentric Mei rotating shaft 6 is in Figure 1 A, from top to bottom capping bottle spinning mechanism, capping mechanism and rolling cover eccentric mechanism and support of bottle body and a power transmission mechanism etc.. In the 8 screw spindle 6 for different bottle height were adjusted up and down, adjust the position with 5 locking nut. Rolling cutter is 1 in rolling bearing 2 spin rotation center line it is not the center line of main shaft through the adjusting rod 10 but carefully adjustable. Rotary center line after the position of the eccentric sleeve 3. Pin 7 of the role is to ensure that the eccentric adjusting sleeve 3 only in regulating rod axis direction, the direction can be adjustable eccentric sleeve 3 within the hole eccentricity optimization design.

2 the analysis of the defects of the original mechanism

Before the design of the rolling knife mechanism and main shaft in the same axis rotation, no design partial J to capping by supporting bottle body under motion and rolling cover bottle of spin the bottle cap tightly rolling, although it has cultivated a the aluminum cap to seal but not necessarily compact, poor quality, too many defective, waste product rate of 20%, especially aluminum cover is thin easier to roll over the crack, which for pharmaceutical packaging is very unfavorable, will reduce the retention time of the drugs, drugs affect the quality and capping speed can only control in every minute 100 bottles of less than, is not conducive to improving the productivity. Now optimized design, so that the rolling knife and the eccentric rotation of the main shaft, rolling cover quality who, banished greatly improve the scrap rate control in less than 5%, the speed can reach more than 300 bottles per minute.

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